Bladonmore reviewed the corporate website of every company in the STOXX All Europe 100 index during August 2020, to analyse how effectively they communicate their social responsibility stories – outside of CSR reports. The index provides a blue-chip representation of some of the largest companies across Europe, irrespective of sector.

The report specifically examines the corporate websites of these businesses, excluding country-specific sites, microsites or social media channels.

Focus areas

Content across each site was reviewed against seven categories:

  • Company purpose
  • Visibility of targets and objectives
  • Alignment and integration with global goals (UN SDGs)
  • Leadership presence
  • Employee voice
  • Use of film
  • Human storytelling

The review takes into consideration both a thorough analysis of the company’s performance in each individual category, as well as considering how well content across these areas is structured and interlinked to develop a comprehensive narrative.

Quantitative and qualitative approach

Our approach is more detailed than a simple tick-box survey, combining both numerical data on the type and frequency of content used with expert analysis from across the consultancy. At every stage of the review, the report draws on Bladonmore’s own advisory and creative expertise to provide a reasoned judgement on the effectiveness of the content produced in each category and how it all works together.

Maintaining impartiality

While a number of companies listed on the index are existing clients, those involved with the analysis have remained distanced from these companies’ ESG messaging to ensure consistency and impartially throughout the review.

About the authors

The report was written, researched and produced by a team at Bladonmore led by Tom Brown and supported by Shreena Patel.
Tom Brown: Associate Consultant

Tom Brown

Associate Consultant

Tom produces a variety of strategic content, built around clear narrative and messaging. He has helped clients like HSBC, Aviva and Mastercard take control of their stories – from internal campaigns to CSR communications – and makes sure it lands with the right people.

Tom started his career in the design industry, helping to develop the visual identities and tone of voice for several of the world’s largest FMCG brands.

He’s a keen cricketer and takes an interest in ancient history; but unfortunately, finds it easier to focus on the first century in books than on the pitch.

Shreena Patel: Senior Consultant

Shreena Patel

Senior Consultant

Shreena focuses on a range of strategic positioning, narrative and development projects. For organisations including Mastercard, Marks & Spencer and ArcelorMittal, she has helped to define and articulate the messaging for our clients that resonate with their audience.

With a financial services background in both the public and private sector – working for the Financial Services Authority (now FCA) and HSBC – she also spent three-and-a-half years in Hong Kong, working as Editor-in-Chief for publishing house Hong Kong Living.

A fan of detective novels, Shreena’s approach to consultancy is inspired by one of her favourite fictional sleuths, Sherlock Holmes: “I listen to their story, they listen to my comments, and then I pocket my fee.”

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